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Project: MedPark West
Size: 58 Acre
Location: Hail Knob Rd. Somerset, KY
Scope of Work:

- 18 acre clear and grubbed
9,070 cubic yards of rock removed for retention basin
113,000 cubic yards of topsoil striped and redistributed
390,000 cubic yards of mass cut and fill
3,480 linear feet of Storm Sewer ranging from 15" to 54" pipe
3,200 linear feet of Water line
3,040 linear feet of gravity flow sanitary sewer
900 linear feet of force main sanitary sewer
Start Date: Late April 2005
Finish: March 2006

Sign for MedPark West

Lot 11 towards Lot 1

Lot 22 Viewing Retention basin area

Lot 13 Viewing Lot 12

Lot 23 Viewing Lot 3

Working Bury Pit

Start of 10 Acre Clear and Grub

Clearing and Grubing

Retention Basin

Bury Pit

Looking over the Project

cut and fill

Cat D6R pushing red clay

D6N XL Top of Topsoil

D6R Pushing Brush

Loading Area

Loading Topsoil

Loading Truck

Loding more rock

Removing rock from Retention basin

Retention Basin on Top

Cat Scraper loading Topsoil

Rock fill

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